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IAMSET is a registered (Reg. No.63604471) scientific and educational organization that dedicated to promote research into and understanding of management science, engineering technology, and improving the solution of technical difficulties in engineering technology application. These goals are accomplished through various activities, conferences, workshops, training and publications.
The IAMSET members are research scientists, engineers, professors, scholars, managers, and technology students, etc. who worked in management science and engineering technology research. It plays an influential role and promotes developments in management science and relevant engineering technology in the world. The mission of IAMSET is to foster and conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within its areas of expertise.
We welcome into membership all those, no matter he is from whatever country, discipline or level of technical knowledge, who want to improve their understanding of management science frontiers , engineering technology, and support its better improvement. All members receive the same benefits.IAMSET harnesses the research, knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of its members to promote the professional management and practice in the world.
IAMSET organizes conferences, workshops and provides sponsor or technical co-sponsor to various conferences, workshops where technical, theoretical, scholarly, and applied papers are presented and discussed.IAMSET can publish some double-blind refereed academic journals and some Books in engineering technology and application.All papers in our conference proceedings will be published by the well known press, such as Academic Press, Springer, ASME, American Scientific Publishing, and SPIE, TTP and will be submitted to the major indexing services for indexing.